Best B2B Email Marketing Software for Lead Generation in 2022

The primary goal of many lead generation campaigns is to obtain an email address for email marketing strategies. Generating leads is very crucial in every B2B business. You’ll need to know who’s interested, why they’re interested, how many times they’ve visited your website, and what it is that has kept them coming back to you. Lead generation tactics are essential, and you shouldn’t do it on your own. B2B software for generating leads will be of great help to you in doing this.

You can not only observe who is visiting your site and what interests them with the correct tools, but you can also contact them and add them as new clients much sooner.

Email Address Lookup Tools

Email lookup Tools

By automating the procedure, these apps make finding someone’s email address easier.

Flyder is an email finder tool that helps people find the email addresses of their potential customers and up to 5000 email results per target. This tool searches far and wide across the internet and also verifies the email addresses to validate them. However, email verification is only available for the conqueror and omnipresent plans.

A bulk search feature through a CSV file is available to make it possible to search for multiple email addresses at once.


  • Free: $0 for 50 searches per month
  • Ambitious: $29 for 500 searches per month
  • Conqueror: $89 for 2500 searches per month
  • Omnipresent: $189 for 10000 searches per month

Hunter is a useful tool if you need to make a quick email search. Simply type in the domain, and the email address pattern will be found.

Hunter also provides a confidence rating, letting you know how likely the email is to be correct.

Hunter is one of the greatest email discovery tools on the market as a result of this. An Email verifier checks the validity of any professional email address in bulk, the browser, and Google Sheets extensions; it has Integration with Gmail to send cold email campaigns.


  • Basic plan: $49 per month
  • Enterprise plan: $399 per month


Voila Norbert

Voila, Norbert offers to assist you in finding and verifying email addresses so that you may perform everything from lead generation to commercial relationship building.

A CSV file can be used to search for prospects in bulk. The application also interfaces with a variety of CRM tools, making it simple to store and sort email lists.

This software collects verified emails, as well as duplicate email addresses, improper formats, and bad domains to reduce the number of bounced emails. Additional information on each contact is also offered, such as job titles and social media profiles.


  • Free: 50 emails;
  • Paid: From $49/month




Skrapp is a popular tool for collecting LinkedIn contact information and email addresses. It may be used to capture lead information from company websites and can be connected to your LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator. This lead creation tool also has a domain search option that lets you find leads within the platform and send them to a segmented in-app directory.


  • Free: 150 emails/month
  • Paid: From $49/month


AeroLeads offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you to search for sales leads on various professional websites such as LinkedIn.

All you have to do is create an AeroLeads account and add a name and firm. After that, the tool will look for their company email addresses and other contact information.

These leads will be added to your email marketing lists by AeroLeads, allowing you to begin working on them right immediately.

AeroLeads is a Chrome plugin that simplifies searches and exports data to a CSV file or email marketing tools. Job titles, firm, website, location, and LinkedIn URL are all included in the authenticated business emails.


  • Paid: From $49 monthly for up to 1,000 credits.





Datanyze focuses solely on business-to-business relationships. Using information from social networks, regional news sources, and other sources, you’ll know who to approach and how to start the conversation so you may build relationships and earn money.

Then, for management and follow-up, you can export them to your CRM software.

You may utilize Datanyze without worry since they guarantee refunds for any database discrepancies.

It’s CCPA, and GDPR-compliant software that targets certain industries for B2B leads and may collect contact information while you visit business websites and LinkedIn.


  • Free: 90-day trial
  • Paid: $39 per month for up to 10809 credits a year

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the most effective strategy for lead nurturing, but many B2B lead-generating strategies miss it.

The process of cultivating genuine relationships with your potential customers with the aim of gaining their business when they’re ready to buy is known as lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is a strategy for marketing that involves communicating with leads and consumers in a style that motivates them to take a specific action.

This is a list of B2B email marketing lead generation tools that can assist you at every stage of the process. You can transform your B2B Email marketing strategy into a lead creation machine by implementing any of these tools.


OptinMonster is a lead generation software platform that makes capturing, sharing, and managing marketing leads a breeze. It employs behavior detection rules to find success and produces high-converting mobile-friendly forms. You may define extensive targeting criteria for marketing campaigns, from page-level targeting (running campaigns on different sites, targeted to page content) to OnSite Retargeting, and it connects with key email marketing and CRM platforms (creating special offers and promotions for returning visitors). Campaigns can also be targeted based on location, activity or idleness, and device kind.

It has a Drag-and-drop email technology feature that allows you to customize every campaign; it can be integrated into websites and CRM software; there is also automatic lead verification and retargeting to attract returning customers. It sends transactional and drips campaign content to nurture subscribers.


Paid: From $9 – $49.




Constant Contact

This tool has several email marketing solutions available. Creating visually-rich emails is simply making use of the drag-and-drop tools, and sender contact lists may be imported from an email address, Salesforce, or by importing a spreadsheet.

It is also equipped with additional features like automation and scheduling of emails, as well as surveys, polls, and signup forms for providing feedback. Your account can also be used for events and social media.

Analytics is at the heart of Constant Contact’s service, making it easy to track the effectiveness of campaigns and experiment with alternative techniques to boost conversion rates.

Constant Contact’s email marketing software solution features an automated welcome email tool, as well as a feature that tests the subject line and can assist you in refining your subject lines to raise the percentage of emails that recipients open. The deliverability is also exceptionally high. You can also send out more relevant emails by using the clicks to segment your contacts.


  • Email: $20+/month
  • Email Plus: $45+/month

A free Trial is also available


Despite being a well-known B2C email marketing solution, Mailchimp is also a great option for B2B email marketing. It can assist you in promoting your B2B business in various ways, all in one place, despite being best known for email marketing.

It makes use of the drag-and-drop builder to create clear, crisp emails. Send emails automatically depending on the signups, events, or other factors to ensure that your messages reach the appropriate individuals at the right time. You’ll always know what’s working and where to make any needed improvements with real-time statistics on your email campaigns. You may compare your open, click, or subscription rates to those of your competitors in your industry. MailChimp can help you with a lot more than email. It’s a multichannel platform for creating ads, lead pages, CRM activities, social media, automation, and more.


  • Essentials: $10/month
  • Standard: $15/month 
  • Premium: $300+/month

Free Demo is also available



This is another B2B email marketing solution with a lot of features, all in one platform that assists you in developing your business and building stronger client relationships.

Choose from 70+ professional themes, including B2B-specific templates, that look great on any screen. Create dynamic configurations that can adapt to the demands of each user and personalize mailings. Its features allow you to target a particular audience segment for improved interaction, such as by location, and automate both message delivery and segmentation. SendInBlue will automatically decide the ideal time to send your emails so that it reaches the most people.


  • Lite: $25/month 
  • Essential: $39/month
  • Premium: $66/month

Pricing for enterprise plans is also offered, and it depends on how many emails are sent each month. There is also a free plan.


More than ever, businesses will start digitally. They have more targeted leads, repeat customers, and insights into their audiences than ever before. Despite this, many of them will still use traditional advertising and marketing strategies. While some businesses are using email marketing software to grow their business connections, more and more companies will invest in future possibilities such as new platforms, targeted ads, and the development of customer follow-up plans. These are all good reasons to start using B2B email lookup tools now.

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