How to Get Your Prospect’s Email Address Using their Name

Getting a failed email address lookup can aggravate you when you want it badly. However, is it possible that you have been desperately searching for those email addresses?

You might be unable to locate the contact information for two reasons. First off, you’re going about it incorrectly. Second, for reasons best known to them, your prospects may have done their research and successfully made it hard to obtain their contact information.

The good news is that this contact information is frequently obscured from view. Most of the time, digging is necessary. But anyone’s email address information can be discovered with the right methods and email finder software. A prospect’s personal Gmail address, business email address, and contact information for web properties are all included in our definition of a “email address search”—even if the information isn’t actively displayed. 

Among the things we enjoy the most at is showing you how our tool can help you find someone’s email in just a few minutes. 

1. Search Google With Operators First

Most of us go to Google first when looking for solutions because it almost knows everything. This contains a list of people’s email addresses.

In addition, Google collects data regularly from websites, social media platforms, public databases, and user-submitted information. So if you haven’t used it for email search inquiries, your prospects’ contact information may be just two clicks away.

Entering the prospect’s name, followed by the email address, and pressing search on Google is the quickest way to find an email address by name.

This procedure can provide broad results, so there is no assurance that you will achieve your desired results immediately. However, adding your prospect’s email address, which should have a domain like, and any further personal information, like their job and organization, may greatly help reduce the number of results.

Use Google Search Operators to expand your search if the first approach fails. Advanced Google search operators are symbols instructing the search engine to focus on exact matches, such as [] and “”.

See what results appear when you enter these terms into your search field;

  • [prospect’s full name] + email 
  • [prospect’s full name] + “email address” 
  • [prospect’s full name] + company + email 
  • [prospect’s full name] + LinkedIn 
  • [prospect’s full name] + “contact” 

Knowing the company, they currently work for or have previously worked for would also be very helpful. This article demonstrates how to retrieve an email from a website. Enter “” in the search box.

  • + [prospect’s full name] + email 
  • + [prospect’s full name] + position + email 
  • + [prospect’s full name] + contact 
  • + [prospect’s full name] + email 
  • + [firstname.secondname] + company name + “email” 

2. Search Your Prospects’ Social Networks 

Perhaps you’re unaware, but there are currently 4 billion active users on social networking platforms. With platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, 51% of the world’s population is now online. If not all of them, we can bet that your prospect is engaged in at least one of them.

Almost all of these websites need visitors to provide an email address and other information when joining up is a commonality among them. Some people don’t mind having their contact information readily available to the public, even if the majority of these sites provide the user the choice to keep it private.

Most accounts and pages now have the contact information of their owners publicly available due to social media platforms’ global transformation into social marketing platforms.

Here’s a guide on how to locate email addresses on social media.


We started this list with LinkedIn since it is the most significant professional social network internationally, which is the only reason. Although it has recently developed into a well-liked social media site, LinkedIn is still primarily focused on professional business networks and career advancement.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly among the greatest sites to engage with the ideal audience because of its unmatched business attitude, effective B2B prospecting, and B2C networking. This is supported by the fact that business contact information is considerably easier to find on LinkedIn than on any other site.

Most users frequently include their email addresses in their LinkedIn profile’s “contact info” section. Therefore, you should check here first.


When registering for a Facebook account, users must supply an email address. Theoretically, if your prospect’s contact information is public, it is an excellent spot to get their email address.

On Facebook, go to your prospect’s profile, choose “About,” then “Contact and Basic Info,” to find an email address by name. You should be able to notice their email address, mobile phone number, website, and social media links here if they have made their contact information publicly visible.

Look for any additional information that might be useful in other email address lookup techniques if their email address is not publicly available.

While you’re at it, why not use Facebook Messenger to request the email directly? There’s a good probability they’ll give it if you add value to your content. But, of course, you must be exact and respectful to enhance your chances of achieving what you desire.


On Twitter, just like on Facebook, you should start by looking for your prospect’s email address in their bio. Those who prefer email communication will provide their email address here. Hooray! That will put a stop to your search for emails.

The only issue is that most people don’t do this, partly because there isn’t much room to do it. However, there are alternative options worth exploring.

First, click on any website or other social media links your prospects have provided to check if they take you to the information you seek. Then, run a fast WhoIs search on the domain name described in step 4 if you cannot locate their contact information on the given website link.

Second, expand your search on Twitter. Use Twitter Advanced Search as your final resort if nothing has turned up so far in your search for someone’s email address on Twitter. Using this feature, you may focus your search on a particular Twitter account and find what you’re looking for.

On Twitter Web App, the Advanced Search function is easily accessible. You must directly search for if you’re using a smartphone. Enter the search terms (in this case, email) on the Advanced Search Page, then scroll up to choose the Twitter account you wish to use to look up the address.


You’ll want to switch from your desktop or laptop to your smartphone. The online desktop version of Instagram does not always show the whole user profile for some reason. So, use the IG app on your phone to look up your prospect’s username and retrieve their email address from Instagram.

Then, click on their username to go to their bio. If you’re fortunate, you’ll find their email address conveniently provided. They have likely opted not to publish their email address in their bio if you can’t find the actual email address or an email tab.

3. Make Use of Email Address Lookup Tools

Make Use of Email Address Lookup Tools

Another great option is services that search email addresses (also known as email finders). These tools search the internet for that lead’s contact information based on the information you provide, such as a lead’s complete name, email address, or firm domain name.

Most of the traditional local methods are far slower than these technologies. However, they can be immensely helpful if you need to compile a list of email addresses quickly.

The greatest email address search engines cost money. However, most provide free trials and freemium plans, making evaluating a tool’s efficacy simple before paying for it.

The biggest drawback of paid email address solutions is that they can be expensive, especially if the outcomes are unsatisfactory. In light of this, you might want to stick with tried-and-true providers.

Here are a few of the best email address lookup programs you can use right now:

1. is the best email address discovery software available today for B2B salespeople who need to connect quickly with important company decision-makers. automatically retrieves the relevant email addresses by scanning profile sites. One of its key advantages is its high precision and quickness, which will help shorten the time you spend prospecting.

2. offers both a web app and a chrome extension. It may be used to hunt for a single email address or a collection of email addresses and pulls the full profiles of your prospects from the websites you visit.


To reduce bounce rates this multi-channel sales automation application searches for names and emails and incorporates an email verifier. Thanks to the email campaign tool, the sales staff has a platform to find opportunities, automate data collecting and entry, and monitor effectiveness.


This is a well-liked email hunter among individual digital markets and sales and marketing divisions. It is a straightforward application that collects the email addresses connected to the websites you visit. This email outreach plugin is excellent for searching the internet, although it does not scan social media, including LinkedIn.


B2B enterprises may quickly create email address lists with Skrapp’s collection and creation of potential customers’ email addresses. Skrapp, a lightweight Chrome extension, can be used with websites, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn pages.

6. Find that lead

Find That Lead can quickly provide you with all the email addresses associated with that domain if you provide your prospects’ first name, last name, and domain name. In addition, the confidence % function on this tool for finding business-to-business emails assesses the precision of the emails you uncover.

7. VoilaNorbert

This reliable marketing toolkit includes an email discovery and verification tool and an intelligent lead generation tool. Your first name, second name, and domain are used to search for corporate email accounts. Then, VoilaNobert pings the mail host for each result to ensure its accuracy.

4. Make Use of an Email Permutator 

An email permutator program rearranges letters to enable you to create various email address combinations. If you have as your email address, the permutator might produce the following variations:



You can boost your chances of discovering the proper contact using an email permutator. A permutator tool often produces 30 to 40 different email combinations, which you may enter into an email verification tool to locate the correct one. As opposed to that, a regulated email contact finder will provide 3–5 email addresses sorted from most to least accurate.

In our opinion, having this software on hand is a terrific idea when your contact finder is unable to offer an address.

5. Make Use of Whois to do a Domain Search

A domain lookup tool called Whois discloses the owner of a specific domain or website. It also lists potential ways to get in touch with them. The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) mandates you to submit up-to-date contact information for yourself, your company, or your organization, including your email address, phone number, and address, when registering a domain.

Anyone can use this contact information to determine who owns a domain because it is stored in a public database. Do you understand where this is going? Of course, this adds another location to check for leads’ email addresses and other contact information.

However, this approach has two significant flaws. First, there is no assurance that the email address will direct you to your prospect. You might succeed if you’re working with independent marketers and bloggers. However, most sizable firms prefer to provide contact details for their technical or administrative division.

The majority of website and domain owners are also ready to pay an additional price to protect the privacy of their personal contact information. But, again, this implies that your efforts might not always be successful.

6. Join Your Prospect’s Mailing List

Have you thought about using the “Join My Mailing List” option that some of your prospects may have on their website or blog as a potential means to obtain their address? This simple technique could give you access to your prospect’s email address in minutes. Here’s how to use an opt-in form on your prospect’s website to find an email address.

Begin by joining their emailing list by selecting “Join My Mailing List” or “Newsletter” and entering the necessary information (email address and first and second name). You’ll often get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Simply click “respond” after opening this email. Your prospect’s email address will be there to pick up directly in front of you.

7. Make Use of The Prospect’s Web Contact Form 

Yet another potential avenue worth investigating is the website’s contact form. Again, you have a convenient way to get in touch with the business through this page. Virtual assistants frequently administer these contact sites.

However, there is no harm in requesting that the VA introduce you to your goal. Less is more when searching for email addresses using site contact forms. A polished email signature that identifies you will also help you stand out from the competition.

8. Personal Connection

Reaching out to your prospects’ coworkers personally can sometimes be enough to obtain your prospects’ email addresses. If your prospects are on your email contact list, you may send them a formal but cordial note asking for their email contact information for your prospect. However, since this is not the most official approach, we advise only using it as a last resort.


Sure, email address lookup is becoming harder and harder as people yearn for more privacy. But now that we’ve revealed how we find someone’s email address by name, we believe things got easier for you too. 

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