How to Set Long-Term Marketing Goals for B2B Organizations

Marketing is all about goals and objectives. Business owners who don’t set and review their marketing goals regularly are doing themselves a disservice. Each marketing objective needs to be reviewed and analyzed regularly. Marketing goals should not be set annually or quarterly. Instead, marketers should set monthly and yearly marketing goals that help guide the … Read more

How to be a B2B Field Marketing Manager

A field marketing manager (FMM) is the link between the manufacturer and the stores that sell the product. A field marketing manager is responsible for developing a successful retail strategy, specifically in sales, brand recognition, and sales forecasting. The goal of a field marketing manager is to meet or exceed sales goals by developing effective … Read more

5 Account Based Marketing Tactics B2B Marketers Can’t Live Without

What Is Account-Based Marketing? Account-based marketing (ABM) is a sales methodology that focuses on the accounts (key decision makers) and their roles in the buying process. While not a new concept, the practice of ABM is gaining popularity because it’s an effective strategy for nurturing relationships with buyers and aligning sales with the business goals … Read more