Top 9 Methods To Find The Email Addresses Of CEOs

The importance of an email address is indisputable to any business person because it gives them a direct communication link between themselves and someone in a leadership position.

The email format also makes it easy for CEOs to find necessary details about the company or product since it provides enough information to contact potential clients directly. 

When you don’t have any methods to get in touch with the CEO, you can easily make life miserable for the people under the CEO’s supervision by offering something the CEO wants at a low price. 

For most startups, this method is uncomfortable since you’re not sure if you will receive a reply from the CEO or not. To avoid this uncertain situation, we’ve found 9 methods that you can use to access an email address of an important CEO.

Are emails read and replied to by CEOs?

Is the sky blue? CEOs do read their emails, I promise.

If an email is worthwhile, the CEO will reply to it. They won’t necessarily respond to every email sent to them, though. However, if an email is valuable to them, pertinent to them, or they can see the benefit they stand to gain from responding, they will do so.

Can You Send Cold Emails To CEOs?

Can You Send Cold Emails To CEOs

Yes, It is the best method of contacting a decision-maker.

There’s no harm in trying, as most CEOs check their emails.

Not merely sending emails but also their substance is the key.

Sending a brief, sweet, and to-the-point email is the greatest advice if you want to ensure your cold outreach email is on point. Ensure you send it to the appropriate individual, and consider “what’s in it for them.”

How to write emails to CEOs?

You won’t obtain a response if your email is a conventional canned email that you copied and pasted to your cold email list.

Your email needs to be thoughtful. It must be pertinent, direct, and personalized for the CEO you are attempting to reach.

It should be cordial, explicit about what you want and why they should care, and friendly.

That does not imply that it must be a transaction. Simply put, it must be something that will grab their attention. The only thing you want is for them to respond and want to talk to you more.

How can you catch their attention?

Do you share a connection point? Typically, the fastest way to hear back is that.

If not, you should consider how to approach this particular CEO individually.

Show interest in what they are doing. For example, did they just recently give a Keynote speech? Give honest criticism and start a dialogue.

Do not waste your first opportunity to email a firm CEO, no matter what you do. The spam filter detects spam, and it takes only a moment to do so (i.e., irrelevant or annoying.)

You’ve now missed your opportunity to talk with the CEO.

So How Do You Get the CEO’s Email Address?

1. Use Google

You’ve probably tried this already, but if not, you could always start by searching the web.

You probably won’t be able to find the CEO’s email on Google, so you’ll need to be more inventive.

Using google is fast and free, which is why you might have probably already tried it, and it is quite unlikely you didn’t find any result

2. Make use of an email permutator 

Software known as an email permutator creates potential email address combinations based on fundamental data like your contact’s name and company website.

With most tools, you typically get between 30 and 40 email combinations. Once the addresses have been generated, you may copy and paste them into an email verification program to see which is the most accurate.

Many free email permutator tools are available that can help generate combinations of email addresses. Although you are likely to use another tool for email verification as not all email permutations come with an inbuilt email verifier, this long process can also be time consuming

3. Check The CEO’s LinkedIn Profile

Are you trying to get someone’s email on LinkedIn? Though it’s uncommon, you can occasionally find it.

Search LinkedIn for the CEO you wish to contact, then go to the About section.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find their email there.

4. Website chat

A little bit of a long shot, but it’s worth a try.

Just ask for the CEO’s email in the live chat window on the website.

The chat representative might give it to you occasionally, but they might not.

The worst-case scenario is that they will advise you to email the info@ email address or say they will forward your letter.

Even though this method is easy to do, it can be a little challenging because it takes a while for you to get a reply from the chat. It can take up to two days.

5. You can try guessing their email address.

You can try guessing their email address

If you’re unsure, make a good guess. Although you are guaranteed to get bounced emails and it can e time-consuming.

Look at their website and see if you can locate any emails there.

Therefore, if you know Charles William’s email address, it is Consider using

But suppose you don’t know anyone’s email address at the business.

Additionally, you can try to deduce other logical combinations, such as:

6. Try reaching out on Twitter

You can choose from a few options if the CEO you’re looking for is on Twitter.

Visit their Twitter profile’s about page. It might have their email address; in that case, look no further.

You can also message them on Twitter and ask for their email address if they have one.

Or – @ them on Twitter and ask!

The worst to come from it is they simply don’t respond or say “no.”

7. Twitter Advanced Search

You could be hesitant to Tweet a particular CEO or feel a little arrogant slipping into their Inbox.

That’s no issue.

With the help of Twitter’s Advanced Search tool, you may browse covertly.

Visit to access Twitter’s advanced search.

Now, use the parentheses to search for (at) and (dot) in the “all of these terms” box. Then, enter the CEO’s Twitter account in the “from these accounts” box.

You can find out if the CEO has tweeted their email address using Twitter Advanced Search.

8. Check Online Directories

You might wind up on one of these pages if you conduct a name-based search for a CEO’s email address.

An example of an email discovery tool is this internet directory.

You can frequently get a few free contact details to sign up.

9. Use

When all possible avenues fail, wouldn’t. It has been made with the core priority of searching the whole internet and social media pages to find the appropriate email addresses of company CEOs and C-level executives. also has an email verifier attached, so you are always assured of reaching out to the right email addresses.

This tool saves you from the hassle of using time-consuming patterns to find one simple email address. This tool also has a free version. Try it now!


Suppose you’re a business or marketing consultant or someone looking for a way to get in touch with the CEO of a company without actually being connected to that company. In that case, these methods are for you.

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