Why is LinkedIn the most popular social network for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn has become an incredible social media platform, especially within its B2B world. It’s no secret that the platform is the most popular social media platform for B2B marketers who wish to network with professionals in their field, create new connections, and locate clients for their companies. Based on several studies done in the last few years, this platform for professional firms is increasing concerning both large and small firms.

LinkedIn from a B2B and B2C View

A recent study by Social Media Examiner revealed that most B2C marketers use Facebook and Twitter as their initial social media platforms to help develop their business. But, as one would imagine, LinkedIn is the main option of B2B marketers. Forty-one percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their primary social network, and only 9% of B2C marketers use this social platform for advertising their services and products.

In 2014, LinkedIn increased by four percent in importance, whereas Facebook has seen a slight decline. According to this study, 66 percent of B2B marketers are planning to make more use of LinkedIn within the next few years. Furthermore, 71 percent of B2B marketers want to know more about LinkedIn than 55 percent of B2C marketers. There is more interesting information regarding LinkedIn here:

It is no secret that LinkedIn is the most popular social network, which B2B marketers highly regard because of its powerful tools that permit businesses to reach extremely valuable users and improve brand awareness for those customers that matter to them.

Innovative Growth Continuously and the Always-growing

To assist B2B marketers further, LinkedIn recently launched an innovative version of its well-known Pulse newsreader that allows users the complete freedom to decide what type of content is most suitable for them. In addition, LinkedIn is also offering new features for the sales side to meet the ever-growing needs of its customers. In June, for instance, it updated its sales Navigator tool by adding integration with Microsoft Dynamic. Additionally, the team from LinkedIn has created a SlideShare product better at generating leads.

In addition, LinkedIn is now offering an outstanding sales metric known as The Social Selling index. Marketers can use this metric to assess how professional their brand appears to their potential customers and learn how to determine the best ways to connect with B2B clients and build long-term relationships.

LinkedIn Premium Accounts

One of the best tools used by B2B marketing professionals on LinkedIn to give them an edge over the competition includes premium profiles. Although most people on the platforms have free accounts, companies that decide to purchase premium accounts get access to premium options and features. Some of these benefits and features include access to all information listed on the profile of a user, including advanced search features and the ability to send emails.

If you’re looking to boost your B2Breach on LinkedIn, purchasing a premium account is highly recommended.

Utilizing the linkedIn search query

Utilizing the linkedIn search query

There are two ways in which a marketer can find prospective customers through LinkedIn. The first option is through LinkedIn’s advanced search feature.

Marketers in B2B can narrow their search results to find highly specific results. They can also opt to use “Save search” to receive notifications whenever they find relevant results. “Save Search” option to receive alerts when LinkedIn discovers new results that meet the specifications.

Another way to identify the ideal clients for your business is by using the more advanced searches offered by LinkedIn. Use the below commands to ensure that your search comes up with the correct results. Make use of ” “to find a specific term, () for complex phrases, “or” when you are searching for multiple terms, “and” when combining words, and “NOT” to exclude certain words.

Open of Floodgates of Success on LinkedIn

Social selling is crucial for companies, and LinkedIn thrives in this area. The social network can provide marketers and salespeople worldwide with the best strategies and tools to enable them to succeed in the marketplace.

For two days yesterday, LinkedIn has just expanded its platform, opening it to more languages than it has ever. This will mean that businesses from all regions of the globe will be able to profit from this social network for B2B marketing and sales.

In a nutshell, it is visible that LinkedIn B2B marketing possibilities are expanding at a rapid rate across the globe. If you’re trying to profit from the huge reach of this social network and make use of it to market your business and establish long-term B2B partnership opportunities, there are a few things you must do.

1. Change your company’s page into a Lead Gen Page.

Leads aren’t going to fall from the clouds. Your LinkedIn business page can be structured to draw prospective leads. Create an enticing header image, make an appealing description of your business, make your latest updates section conversion-focused and update your profile frequently.

2. Get the most benefit Of the Advanced Search Option.

You can get out and search for new leads easily, using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature. It will help you identify the kinds of clients you’re seeking by the vast selection of filters that can be used to limit your search. You can narrow your search down to various factors, such as company size or location, industry type, and so on.

3. Build yourself to be an expert in your field

You can utilize a variety of tools offered by LinkedIn to position yourself as an authority in your field. Begin by offering high-quality information, responding to questions, interacting with LinkedIn’s community, and making yourself stand out from your competition by providing distinctive products and services that meet your user’s specific needs.

4. Social CRM

The fact is that LinkedIn is a top participant in the field of social CRM. The majority of social CRM platforms have LinkedIn integration. Make use of your CRM to observe what your potential customers are doing on LinkedIn. You can see what your prospects are doing on the LinkedIn platform in real-time. Also, find out what your customers’ habits and preferences are.


LinkedIn is the main social media platform that has proven the most effective in terms of customer engagement, both in the pre-sale and post-sale phases of the buying process. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the most popular social network for business-to-business marketing and sales, eclipsing Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platform. A presence on LinkedIn will ensure the success of your business. Get started today and be an established company in your industry by taking advantage of the services and features offered by LinkedIn.

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